Professional Interests and Personal Activities:

SUSTAINABILITY: Post-growth scenarios, risc-analysis and transformative societal processes; complementary currencies, impact of life science on global sustainability and global justice issues, i.e.on income disparity, the imbalance of the international financial market, technological innovations and demographic changes.


CORPORATE WORLD: Special management skills in human resources; recruitment and development; work, health & life balance as well as corporate social and sustainability scripts.


HEALTHCARE: Cost effectiveness of mind body medicine, complementary and alternative medicine and disease prevention and health promotion strategies; use of new financing strategies for health care systems, vertical and integral medical supply especially in mental health.


INTEGRALE MEDICINE: The integration of conventional medicine and complementary-alternative medicine (CAM) in the treatment of chronic diseases (in particular functional non-tumor pain syndromes, chronic conditions, psychosomatic and psychiatric disorders).


MENTAL HEALTH: Mind-Body–Medicine (MBM) Interventions with regard to clinical practice and research, including Eastern (i.e. Yoga, ZEN) and Western (i.e. Mindful based responses, Psychotherapy) to stress related disorders.


TRAVELLING: In order to combine business and pleasure, trying to link academic activities abroad with learning more about foreign cultures, languages, economics and politics.


SPIRITUALITY: As a practizing and baptized buddhist and catholic I try to explore the links between Christianity and Eastern Wisdoms. I am specifically involved in regular practices in Tonglen, Hydrotherapy, Zen, Fasting, Yoga and the european Christian Mystizism.


SPORTS: Currently involved in regular exercise, work-outs, climbing and biking.


FUTURE PERSPECTIVES: Involved in patient care, hospital management, integral psychiatry, sustainability and societal issues.



„We have to be the change, we want to see in the world“
(M.Gandhi 1869-1948)