integral medicine

For the first time in human medical history, we are now able to access all the different medical systems that have ever existed on this planet and integrate their wisdom into diagnosis and treatment. None of them are 100% wrong and all of them have the potential to contribute to the improvement of medical conditions. With an evidence base of less than 20% in conventional medicine, we must think outside the box. Some of these medical systems are thousands of years old, others are being practised in daily life by millions every day; some offer powerful cures in acute medicine, others in the treatment of chronic conditions. We cannot afford to ignore these experiences and this knowledge. There are only two forms of medicine: good and bad. The integration of conventional medicine and complementary-alternative medicine (CAM) creates the most promising conditions for greater health and a more balanced life. Integral approaches are used in particular in the treatment of mental and chronic pain disorders and include meditation, yoga, acupuncture, phytotherapy, supplements, diet changes and many more, all in a hospital setting: visit our hospital or see