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The Open Society

Why are we afraid of the “Open Society”? Because we are
afraid of reality, of the future and of ourselves. But if we
take a closer look at the concept of the Open Society,
formulated by the social philosopher Karl Popper over 75
years ago at the end of the Second World War, we see that
the answers it provides to the socio-political problems of
the future – of how to live together on this planet – are a
better match for us humans as a species than any of the
alternatives currently under discussion. “Open” societal
conditions are an originally European contribution to the
challenges of the 21st century and at the same time make
a convincing case against our imperialist urge to impose
the “blessings” of the Western model of prosperity on the
rest of the world. The Open Society, which is forever
incomplete and imperfect, is always concerned with
criticism and freedom. If we think all of this
through to its conclusion within an Open Society,
astonishing perspectives emerge.