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‘Geldwirtschaft und Nachhaltigkeit’ (‘Monetary Economy and Sustainability’) 2-2002, at the General Assembly of the Club of Rome (Austrian Chapter), Vienna / Austria

‘Zur Beziehung von Gestaltkreis (V. v. Weizsäcker) und Affektpsychologie’ (‘On the Relation between the ’Gestaltkreis’ (V. v. Weizsäcker) and Affects Psychology’) 2-2002, University of Heidelberg / Germany

‘Zur Differentialdiagnostik neurotischer und psychotischer Störungen’ (‘On the Diffferential Diagnostics of Neurotic and Psychotic Disorders’) 2-2002, at the Franconian Institute for Further Training in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis, Würzburg / Germany

‘PTBS and EMDR’ at the Franconian Institute for Further Training in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis 3-2002, Würzburg / Germany

‘Die Bedeutung der Affektpsychologie für die psychosomatische Symptombildung’ (‘The Significance of Affects Psychology for Psychosomatic Symptom Formation’) 5-2002, Psychiatric University Clinic, Heidelberg / Germany

‘Economical access variables for future scenarios’ at the 4th International Workshop of the CoR / EASA 5-2002, Munich / Germany

‘Zur Differentialdiagnose spiritueller Krisen’ (‘On the Differential Diagnostics of Spiritual Crises’) 5-2002, at the University of Oldenburg, Research Centre for Clinical Psychology, as a trial lecture for a C3 professorship of ‘Health Care Economics and Psychotherapy‘, Germany

‘Werte, Wachstum und Wettbewerb’ (‘Values, Growth and Competition’), at the ‘Corporate Governance’- Symposium of the EASA 6-2002, Vienna / Austria

‘Warum ist unsere Geldwirtschaft nicht nachhaltig?’ (‘Why is Our Monetary Economy not sustainable?’) 6-2002, Kirche und Wirtschaft, Zurich / CH

‘Money economy and sustainability’ 9-2002, Sonoma State University, Department of Psychology, California / USA

‘Psychology in international financial markets and money economy’ 10-2002, 8-part lecture series as Honorary Professor of ‘Monetary Economy and Sustainability’ at the University of Budapest / Hungary

‘Finance meets sustainability’ 10-2002, at the University of Szeged, Faculty of Economics, Department of Economics / Financial Economics, Szeged / Hungary

‘Economy as an evolutionary system’ with K. Botos, at the international ‘Evolutionary Economy and Knowledge-Based Economy’ symposium 10-2002, Debrezin / Hungary

‘Alternativen zum Share-Holder-Value’ (‘Alternatives to Shareholder Value’) 10-2002, at the international “Public Welfare Economies“- Symposium, Bad Honnef / Germany

‘Psychotherapie bei funktionellen Schmerzsyndromen’ (‘Psychotherapy for Functional Pain Syndromes’), as part of a grand round lecture series at the University of Würzburg 10-2002, Germany

‘Wie wir wirtschaften werden’ (‘Our Future Economy’), at the 5th international workshop of the EASA,11-2002, Baden-Baden / Germany

‘Corporate Governance im Zeitalter der Globalisierung’ (‘Corporate Governance in the Era of Globalization’), at the General Assembly of the Rotary Club 12-2002, Kassel/ Germany

‘Zur Differentialdiagnose dissoziativer Störungen’ (‘On the Differential Diagnostics of Dissociative Disorders’) 12-2002, University of Würzburg, Germany

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