Born in Augsburg/Germany. After having finished vocational training as medical first responder at the Red Cross and as a car mechanic in Germany and the USA, graduated medical school and studied socioeconomics in tandem (student of Lord R. Dahrendorf). Multiple international visiting professorships. MA, MD, Dr med habil, Dr rer. soc., Two board-certified specializations (psychiatry, psychosomatics) and over 12 clinical sub-specializations. Integral approach, including mind-body medicine, naturopathy and conventional medicine. Special management skills in human resources, corporate social and sustainability scripts; further experiences in alternative financial engineering, risk-analysis, psychology of sustainability, monetary ecosystems and transformative societal processes. Over 500 publications and presentations. Member of the European Academy of Science and Arts (EASA), Board of Trustees at the World Academy of Arts and Science (WAAS) and full international member of the Club of Rome.

An evolutionary and integral approach in economics and psychology have led to several academic appointments; Former visiting fellow/member at the C. G. Jung Institute (CH), PPKE (HU), MAYO, UCLA (USA), Beijing (CN), Vice-chairman of the European Institut of Health (EiH) among others.


Currently medical director, chief medical officer and Professor in Saxonia (GER); These memberships afford the opportunity to combine theory and practice and provide a more interdisciplinary and translational approach to scholarship, science and politics. "International Scientist of the Year 2003"; Scientific advisor to the EU-Commission (2009); Founding member Alma Mater Europeae (2011); Senator (elected 2015-2020) of the European Academy of Science and Arts (EASA), Endowed Professor for Sustainability and Psychology (2016-). Member of Friends of the Earth (BUND); Member of the german Liberal Party (FDP), Lancet-Commission (2021-2022), Federal Council "Sustainable Finance" to the German Government (2022-); Bahcesehir-Science award (2023) .

As a practicing Buddhist and Catholic, professional activities are embedded into the mystical traditions and practices of the perennial Eastern and Western philosophies.